Come and join our experts at this iincredible event in Malaga. In a series of conferences through out the day we will explain what are the jewels in Yoga. How to make the best of your Yoga practice and special tips in order to keep yous chakkras aligned.
Experts from all around the world will provide with key facts that will radically change the way you see the world of Yoga around you. This event is a great oportunity for networking and exchange points of view with companies in the same field.
Handbooks, Manuals and other learning material will be available to all participants to take away.
Gift – towards the end of the event a gift, consisting on a Pendant with an artifitial diamond will be given to all participant.
At the end of the event dinner will be served for those who decide to stay. All included upon event reservation.

P Conferences

Our guest speakers are ready to deliver incredible amount of knowledge to make the best of your yoga practice. There will be 3 conferences according to our program. 1 in the morning after the event presentation and two in the afternoon evening after lunch.
Conferences will last for approximately 3hrs but not to worry, there will be coffee/snacks breaks in between, and along the conferences.
program and conferences schedule will be sent after you sign up and choose your program.

P Programs

We have included 3 programs for this event. Hnce the price range. All programs will include the 3 conferences but not all other amenities. Please refer to event details on the organiser's page for more details.

P Food and Drinks

We will include various options or menues for all participants. Vegan and Vegetarian options will be included to choose for all participants whoose program includes food and brevages.
Milk - vegetable and rice milk will be included on the menus
Alcohol - only available during the dinner time, and after conferences are over

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